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Philippines claims number one call centers

The Philippines has taken over from the US as the number one location for call centers according to an article in Inquisitr, which itself references the Los Angeles Times.

The reasons are many. First, companies such as Amazon and Microsoft have based their customer care centers in the territory, leading to the second factor: it’s become a career of choice for young professionals in the area. Their spoken English is relatively close to American English, and the culture veers towards politeness rather than a direct approach that will sound abrasive to some foreign ears.

The field is expected to continue growing with 100,000 call centers expected to be added to the list during this calendar year. According to the Inquisitr site, India remains the largest ITO location but the Philippines is winning out in just about every other area.


  • Middle management – availability and
  • Niche skills
  • Growth of tourism industry
  • Change of leadership in 2016
  • Changing policies and regulations
  • Growth outside Metro Manila
  • Emergence of other countries
  • Rise of new technologies
  • Impact of ASEAN integration