why-small-power-centers-imageBillions of dollars continue to be invested in large “Tech Centers” and infrastructure. However, these dollars are missing the enormous opportunity in tapping the talent from the smaller cities and provinces within the Philippines.

It should be noted, these provinces produce tens of thousands of highly educated graduates annually who could easily serve the BPO sector. However, most find it very difficult to work far away from their home towns and remain unemployed or underemployed in order to keep the family together.

Specialized Outsource Partners Inc. managed “Power Centers” can be built out client specific as a full turnkey solution for those starting a new business, freelancers and large operators seeking to create redundancy or expand in areas where there is an abundance of great under-utilized talent and very few competing for the same employees thus dramatically increasing retention rates and reducing overall costs.

No company has released plans to fill this niche except Specialized Outsource Partners Inc. We are excited to be in the unique position to help companies easily capture the “Province Advantage” working within our “Power Centers”.

It is a known fact the majority of the talent in the metro areas hail from the countryside and upon this talent hitting ‘burnout” stage (approximately 3 years) they are retuning back to their home towns even if it means being unemployed. Specialized Outsource Partners Inc. is able to help companies identify and turn these challenges into tremendous opportunities.

The uniqueness of Specialized Outsource Partners, Inc.’s model is the perfect answer to launching start-ups as well as supporting expansion. There is no company in the Philippines that mirrors Specialized Outsource Partners’ model and, therefore, expect unparalleled growth over the next several years.