Why the “Countryside”

Tapping the talent from the smaller cities and provinces within the Philippines.



Specialized Outsource Partners LLC is focused on bringing the jobs to the people instead of the people to the jobs.

It is a known fact, most the talent in the metro areas hail from the “Countryside”. The smaller cities and provinces produce tens of thousands of highly educated graduates annually who have ambitions of working in the BPO sector, however, most find it very difficult to work far away from their home towns and choose to remain unemployed or underemployed in order to keep the family together.

Specialized Outsource Partners LLC recognized early on there was an opportunity to be able to leverage this great talent pool while easily making a tremendous social impact in the lives of the Filipinos living outside the Metro areas and have enjoyed the ability to deliver outsourcing solutions at a much higher standard with much more consistency our employee retention rates are exceptionally high.

Developing our “Power Centers” in the smaller cities and provinces throughout the Philippines to leverage the highest educated talent while keeping families together is a win-win for everyone.