Frequently Asked Questions


Can you handle 24/7 customer service calls?

Yes our  center is open 24/7.

Do you have a dialer?

We are a Incontact partner so we can provide all the call technology required for your campaign.

Do you do short term campaigns?

We will only consider short term campaigns for clients who have a long term goal for outsourcing.

Do you do small projects?

We are not a project based outsourcing company unless it falls under our technology department.

Are your Virtual Assistants part time or full time?

All our VAs are full time and exclusive to one client.

How long of contracts do you require?

Excluding our technology projects such a website and mobile app development all our contracts are a minimum of 12 months as we prefer to work with people/companies who have a goal to use our services as a more permanent part of their overall business model.

How is "specialty" training done?

We have a “Distance Learning Center” with all the connectivity, projector and multiple computers etc. however, we do encourage for more complex campaigns or specialized projects we encourage our clients to allow us to host them in the Philippines.

Do you lease seats?

We are no longer leasing seats however we still offer consulting services. We have all the resource necessary and can help with every aspect of setting up your own operations in the Philippines.

Do we have to have our own corporation in the Philippines?

Not if you use our services, however if you are looking at setting up your own center yes you would be required to set up your own formal entity and we can assist with this under a consulting arrangement.

Do you handle HR and Payroll services?

Yes, our agreements are all inclusive.

How long does it take to get started?

Every campaign is customized so time lines are not predictable until we understand the scope of your specific project however, on an average, implementation takes 4 – 14 days.

Is there a minimum number of VAs you require to be hired?

We consider all clients. We are looking primarily for clients who are looking at major growth plans, but will consider those looking at utilizing one personal VA.

What are the skill sets of the Virtual Assistants?

All of our VAs are well educated English speaking 4 year college graduates with Ba or BS degrees in business, accounting, computer science and many others. We have a very stringent hiring procedure and our VAs must meet a rather high bar in the ares English reading, writing, comprehension, critical thinking and problem solving, creativity, personal welfare and social communication skills.