Frequently Asked Questions

Do we have to provide our own office housekeeping?

No. All “Power Centers” are fully stocked and maintained 24/7 by Specialized Outsource Partners, Inc.

Do you charge extra for recruiting?

No. Specialized Outsource Partners, Inc.  is consistently participating in job fairs; sits on many of the universities advisory committees; works on community-based initiatives for public welfare; and, sits on the ICT Council. These activities and our credibility open up unmatched access to pools of great talent.

Do you have a minimum number of seats you will lease?

The minimum number of seats is dependent on our availability. Right now, there is a big demand for seat leasing from the larger companies expanding into the provinces and they are requiring their own floors. However, if we have any shared floors we will not have a minimum. Contact us for seat availability.

What is the maximum number of seats you can provide?

We are not limited as to number of seats if we are given time to work with our clients in planning out a strategic approach.
We are building “Power Centers” at all times and each center has approximately 140 seats. We will work with our clients to build as many seats as needed, provided, they are located in areas that fit our mutual requirements and needs.

How long does it take to move into one of your buildings?

Depending on the client’s needs, but in as little time as a couple days to two weeks if a building is ready. If we are building a whole new building, start to finish, is about 120 days.

How much are your seats?

Our standard base seat pricing is based on three models shown under “The Economics” page, however, quantity and number of shifts, as well as, equipment requirements. Seat leasing can be as low as 15 pesos or 0.34 USD per hour based on

Is your center SSAE 16 & HIPA compliant?

The IT structure of our “Power Centers” is based on standard fiber and copper connectivity with redundancy but, we do not provide any additional support, such as, providing dedicated firewalls, “Pen” tests, etc. However, we do have vendor partners that work with our clients within our server rooms. As for all other security requirements needed to be in compliant, such as, private offices, bio-metrics, etc. all can be provided based on occupancy.

Do you handle HR and Payroll services?

We have these services available through our support team and vendor partners and will provide free consultation in all these areas to make sure you are in compliance and maximizing your dollars.

Do we need to set up a corporation in the Philippines to have our own staff?

As our client, we will provide you with all the free consulting you need in this area in order to make sure you are compliant. This will save you thousands of dollars in consulting fees.

Set up a conference call with us so we can first learn about your business, the tasks you are trying to take offshore: and, we will give our recommendations and will support you through the whole process. This is our JOB.