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No others can provide access to the number of resources, relationships or solutions period.

The Specialized Outsource Team is proficient in all “Things” BPO and work best by first getting to know our future partners/clients very well before starting. We require all our future partners to visit our offices, meet our team and validate first hand our access and valued relationships and then we get to building the roadmaps to success. We require time and participation in order to get specific and then we will do something great together!

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Developing BPO Power Centers throughout the countryside

Building 20 Scions

Building 20 Scions

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Building 18 Scions

Set up your own staff in the Philippines

Specialized Outsource Partners Inc. is able to offer an array of packages that include services and infrastructure to meet your needs/requirements at the most competitive price. These packages can range from simple seat placement to all or part of the services below and more.

Timeline of Implementation


 70 Days to operation