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GICs (Global In-house Centers) are exploding as more and more companies are realizing they can “OUTSOURCE” to themselves and get even better and more controllable results. Specialized Outsource Partners Inc. specializes in helping people set up their own GIC and build their global staff.

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Perspectives on GICs in Philippines

Philippine IT-BPS market is large and is expected to maintain its growth momentum

Philippine IT-BPS market 2009-2013; US$ billion

philippines growth

Source: IT and Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP), Everest Group (2015)

GICs constitute a significant component of the market; adoption in GICs is led by BPS services

Distribution of FTEs by sourcing mix in the Philippines 2013; Number of FTEs in ‘000s

Services delivered by GICs from the Philippines 2013; Number of FTEs in ‘000s


Source: Investment agencies, Industry Associations, inputs from players, Everest Group (2015)

Contact center accounts for bulk of service delivery from GICs with BFSI driving growth

Service delivered from the Philippines for ITBPS by GICs 2013; Number of FTEs in ’000s

Industries served from the Philippines for IT-BPS by GICs 2013; Number of FTEs in ‘000s

financial and accounting
  1. Includes other services (e.g., HRO, Marketing BPS, Network BPS, animation and games development services)
  2. Includes other industries (e.g., healthcare, hospitality, government, professional services)

Source: Investment agencies, Industry Associations, inputs from players, Everest Group (2015)

Leading buyers have set-up offshore GICs in the Philippines

leading companies

Note: The chart shows examples of companies that have set up GICs in the Philippines and is not an exhaustive list

Source: Everest Group (2015)

GIC market activity in the Philippines is concentrated in Tier-1 locations

GIC market activity

Source: Everest Group (2015)

Perspectives on GICs in Philippines



Increasing scope of analyticss work supported GICs
GICs in “mature Verticals
With demonstrated success of the GIC model to support analytics, there is increasing interest in supporting “mission critical” analytics activities form offshore GICs.
GICs in “emerging verticals
With proven success of the GIC model to support analytics in other verticals, there is increasing transaction of abalytics work supported by GICs form relatively less mature verticals.


icons_07 Consolidation of analytics as shared services within GICs having common reporting and governance structure
GICs are consolidation multiple types of analytics processes as shared capabilities; aggressive GICs are building scale to support end-to-end model design and validation ownership in various areas.
Key drivers of this trend are a desire to develop internal capability and a consisitent talent proposition; and, to enhance the customer experience.


icons_10 Leverage additional information sources and explore new talent models to built new analytics capabilities within GICs
Additional Information sources include social media and the internet of things
New talent models include leveraging Machine Learning Science and behavioral analytics.