Virtual Assistant Questionnaire

About this Questionnaire

The objective of this questionnaire is to gather information to qualify and scope the task(s) for a Managed Virtual Assistant. Information gathered may ultimately form part of a Statement of Work, a Contract, or a Statement of Intent or Direction. It will enable an understanding of the customer’s Managed Service requirements in the following areas:
• What the customer is trying to achieve?
• What is being delivered today?
• How the current service is measured?
• The interfaces currently used
• The resources we will need in order to take over the current service or tasks

The questionnaire is intended to provide a high level view of the organization and the methods, and service management issues. The questionnaire is not a script but a guideline to the subject areas for discussion. Sub-sections may be left out if not appropriate It may well be possible to have all the questions answered by one person of the appropriate level within an organization, but some may remain unanswered initially.

In addition to completing the questionnaire the following information would be helpful:
• Organization information
• Software programs used
• Any other relevant documentation you may want to supply

The questionnaire should be viewed as a ‘living’ document and as such will be continually reviewed and updated.

Some important questions that should be answered internally:
• What the customer is trying to achieve?
• What are the business requirements and/or issues that are affected?
• What are the customer’s “pain points”?
• Is there enough information to qualify the opportunity?