How We Work



Custom Software Development

Our software development team strives to output the best possible product, whilst adhering to time and budget constraints. We offer full-cycle application development, software maintenance, and platform-based customization.

Waterfall Software Development

With this model, you are billed only for the time actually spent on the software development phase by the project manager(s) and software development team. Our custom software development package is all-inclusive.

Mobile Development Services

Mobile apps present many opportunities for your organization as they facilitate both business processes and customer interactions.

Web Application Development

Our web development team implements thoughtful design and engineering to produce scalable web apps which account for the rising demand for interactivity and usability.

QA and Testing

Our software development team scrutinizes every character of code, to ensure maximum performance and ease of use. We offer functional testing, cross-browser and cross-platform testing, load and stress testing, and more, with various tools for review.

Our Portfolio

Angular JS

A software development team makes the most of Angular JS to produce responsive and easy-to-navigate websites and apps.


.NET is the perfect tool for rapid application development (RAD). Our software design results in beautifully rich graphical user interfaces.


A software development team embraces PHP’s versatility to build apps that work across all operating systems.

React JS

A business software development implements React JS to boost interactivity.


A software development team follows the latest iOS features, releases, updates and App Store guidelines, so that we can provide an iOS experience that is seamless and familiar.


We take a top-down approach to deliver quality custom software for Android, whilst tackling the challenge of device fragmentation.


Extremely fast server-side platform in code execution. It has an open source community which has produced many excellent modules to add additional capabilities to Node.js applications.

Real Estate and Financial Supportive Services

Specialized Outsource Partners, Inc. has now released a menu of Real Estate supportive services to the U.S market place. The “Real Estate Support Services” division has over 50 combined years in providing best of class supportive services to private and public sectors alike nationwide. We are prepared to help meet and exceed our client’s needs as it pertains to outsourcing some of their most personnel demanding tasks with the goal of creating efficiencies and increasing our client’s bottom line.

We are proficient in the following areas both in local and national markets:

The margins in Real Estate and Lending have compressed dramatically over the years and compliance has become a muchadded expense. Specialized Outsource Partners, Inc. is here to help you structure ways of unloading some of your most personnel demanding tasks to help bring back some of the profitability to the industry.

Contact us today so we can get started helping you increase effeminacies and your bottom line immediately.

Creative Graphic Solutions

Cutting-edge concepts, a beautifully illustrated text, and a dazzling array of designs. Specialized Outsource Partners, Inc. offers custom-designed websites, which are designed and built for your business exclusively and can easily grow with you.

Our goal is to help companies communicate with their targeted audience clearly and effectively when it comes to:

Our staff is comprised of talented, well-rounded designers, developers, writers and marketing professionals. We have the tools in-house to carry out each component of your marketing campaign with the highest level of quality. We also have the flexibility and resources to contract talent for specialized project needs. In short, Specialized Outsource Partners, Inc. is a single source for all of your promotion and branding needs.

Customer Service Outsourcing

  • Our Customer Services Staff assures your clients are properly serviced no matter what the time zone on location globally. We pride ourselves on creating a seamless relationship to maintain our client’s brand/image, corporate culture and integrity.
  • We recognize deciding to have your customer service outsourced is a critical decision and should not be taken lightly, this is why we help our clients in every step of the way to assure every need and concern is addressed properly.
  • We can provide our clients with full integration of online, mobile and landline communications in our inbound/outbound costumer relations and supportive services—depending on each clients specific needs no mater how much or little integration needed.
  • Our Customer Services staff assures your clients are properly serviced no matter the time zone o location globally. We pride ourselves on creating a seamless relationship so as to maintain our client’s brand/image corporate culture and integrity.

  • Benefits of Specialized’s Customer Service Outsourcing programs.
  • Specialized Outsource Partners, Inc. prides itself on attracting and training highly competent, skilled and seasoned agents who have a minimum of 3 years’ experience in handling inbound call center services such as customer complaints and resolutions, Billing and Account Inquiries and General Product Support.
  • All our agents are degree holders and demonstrate an excellent command of the English language both spoken and written.
  • All our agents receive client specific and specially prepared training manuals before undergoing extensive training focusing on core skills, computer skills, customer service and communication skills. Our customer service outsourcing agents, whether for inbound, outbound, purposes are fully equipped and capable to turn any complaints and or inquiries into positive and well-handled customer.
  • We maintain all the tools to manage performance and create accountability within our centers and are very skilled at bringing technology solutions to our clients to help in the outsourcing process. We work diligently to create seamless solutions including tying into our clients own systems who already have a Performance Management System that aligns our agents’ skillset to your specific needs. With technology you can be assured your client’s needs will be handled with the greatest amount of care 24/7.
  • Specialized is committed to delivery the highest level of outsourced customer service solutions so as to help our clients stay focused on their core business.
  • Back Office Processing

  • With the rising cost of wages, “Back Office Processing” is compressing company profits greatly these days. One-way companies are combating these challenges and threats is through outsourcing “Back Office Processing” to the Philippines.
  • “Back Office Processing” is one of the safest and most effective solutions you can invest in. What’s more, with today’s advances in technology, data entry outsourcing is that much more accessible to small and medium-sized businesses.
  • Specialized Outsource Partners, Inc. can deliver well educated English speaking talent with extensive experience spanning various industries. We adapt quickly to whatever framework needed for effective and time-bound back office services.
  • Our suite of “Back Office Processing” services include:
  • Data entry / coding – Accuracy is imperative when it comes to data extraction. That said, our highly skilled, well-trained team can handle any volume of information with maximum accuracy.
  • Data Processing – Form filling and quality control services are becoming commonplace in the world of outsourcing and Specialized can quickly adapt to these processes.
  • Research and Reporting – Many resources are being depleted on tasks that can be easily offshore in areas of research and reporting. Specialized has seasoned professionals with very diverse skills in research and analytics and, with proper specific training could prove to be of tremendous value
  • With a paperless environment and documents in an easy-to-access electronic formats it is becoming easier your business’s overall efficiency and productivity.

  • Sales and Marketing

    Lead Generation, Outbound Data mining, Appointment Setting, Live Call Transfer Campaigns, Inbound Sales Call Services, Email Marketing, Social Media Content Support, Survey Work, Content and Creating Writing, Social Media Management, SEO Work, Outbound Sales Appointment Setting, Data Mining, Graphic Design and Print Material Development.

    Medical Support

    Coming Soon

    Technical Support

    Technical Support from Specialized Outsource Partners, Inc. provides personalized attention from technical experts who understand your deployment and usage of your machine. Our Technical Support is necessary to ensure your technical issues or usage questions are resolved in a timely manner. Technical support experts are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and are available via a variety of convenient methods, including the Technical Support Portal, phone, email and chat.


    Hardware and Software support for all your office equipment including desktop computers, laptops and servers, their operating systems (Windows and Mac) and day to day applications such as email, antivirus, accounting and office tools and many more.


    Improving the speed and efficiency of your office network and internet, diagnosing and repairing faults on network equipment including firewalls, routers, hubs, switches, voice and data cabling.


    It's all about you and your team - a resource at the other end of the phone or onsite to help your team get things done. On hand support and advice on using all aspects of your IT hardware and software.


    A 24 hour a day monitoring service for your IT systems that alerts our technical support team of potential problems, so issues can be addressed before they become critical.